Monthly Archives: July 2019

Brakes are one of your car’s most important safety features and are used to stop your vehicle. When it comes to vehicle safety, the quality of your car’s braking system plays a crucial role. Because […]
The performance of a shock absorber deteriorates gradually and imperceptibly over time, during which the driver unwittingly adapts his or her driving to compensate for the wear and worsening condition and handling. As with most […]
Even if you never take your 4×4 off-road, you’ll be glad you have it during the cold winter months. The extra traction you get when all four wheels are pulling gives you a margin of […]
Headlight lenses can deteriorate over time. They can become bumpy due to scratches caused by sand and pebbles on the road. They can also crack which will allow water to flow into the headlight. The […]